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Surf, Sand, Sky And Solitude

Ten Bay Beach

Ten Bay Beach - ©Rebecca Spinner

The tiny, undeveloped island offers an alternative to those who prefer to avoid casinos, nightclubs and crowds. If you're looking for five-star hotels, pampering, entertainment, look elsewhere. But if having the beach to yourself and unspoiled views of the ocean in countless shades of blue and turquoise sound appealing, Eleuthera is paradise.

Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Eleuthera is a little-known gem. Eleuthera is beautiful and unspoiled: water so clean you can stand chest-deep and see your feet; air so free of pollution that the night sky is black and sprinkled with millions of stars; flowers so bright they inspire people to paint their houses in a rainbow of pastel colors.

The island is divided into two regions, North Eleuthera and South Eleuthera. The North encompasses Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, Upper & Lower Bogue, The Bluff, The Current & Current Island, Gregory Town, Hatchet Bay and James’ Cistern. The South encompasses Governor’s Harbour, Palmetto Point, Savannah Sound, Tarpum Bay, Rock Sound, Green Castle, Deep Creek, Waterford, Wemyss Bight and Bannerman Town. Palmetto Sunrise rental villa is located in Palmetto Point.

The soft pink or white sand, bountiful shells, warm water and coral reefs right off shore offer a relaxing and interesting day at the beach. There's nobody trying to braid your hair or sell you trinkets, and with 220 miles of coastline, it's not hard to have the place to yourself. The island is so narrow, you can choose between the Atlantic or the Caribbean side with minimal travel time.

Pink Hybiscus

Pink Hibiscus - ©Rebecca Spinner

Nature lovers have their choice. We awake to a chorus of songbirds each morning. We have watched the turquoise and brown lizards, the noisy frogs with suction feet, tropical fish, starfish, sand dollars, conch and sea crabs.

The vegetation is varied and interesting. Tropical fruits, including pineapples, oranges, mangoes and papaya, grow on the island. You will enjoy drinking coconut juice and eating the coconut fruit from a green coconut knocked from a tree. And, in Tarpum Bay, an old roadside banyan tree with roots that descend from its branches is so expansive that visitors step farther and farther away to try to capture its immensity on film. A single tree is so gigantic that 50 children could climb on it simultaneously.

Another interesting experience is passing over the Glass Window Bridge in Gregory Town in northern Eleuthera, where, at the narrowest point of the island, the calm, shallow Caribbean and the deeper more turbulent Atlantic meet. The only thing that separates them is a narrow bridge. The bridge is man made replacing a natural arch that was washed away in a hurricane. The Caribbean is a lighter blue-turquoise than the deep blue Atlantic, and taking in all of those shades of blue at once is a feast for your eyes, especially on a sunny day when the sky is yet another shade.

Eleuthera has plenty to offer. In Rock Sound, there's Ocean Hole which appears to be a pond surrounded by walls of rock. Called “bottomless,” it contains ocean water fed from underground streams. Bring bread, because feeding the jumping fish is a treat. The fish are so used to being fed that they're like ducks on a public pond.

There are also ancient caves to explore. Preacher's Cave, on the north end of the island, is where the Eleutheran Adventurers, the pilgrims who fled Bermuda and England for religious freedom, held religious services.

The tropical fish that feed in the coral reefs just off the beach are fascinating to watch, and the plentiful shells range in color from mother-of-pearl to pink, sunset hues to purple.

Eleuthera gift stand

Gift Stand - ©Rebecca Spinner

The real gift Eleuthera offers visitors isn't in any one “must-see” site. It's the atmosphere. Eleuthera, “freedom” in Greek, lives up to its name. The people are so laid back and friendly that it's impossible for even the most “Type-A” folks not to relax.

There's something amazingly relaxing about being able to let your children roam and explore without worrying about them.

The sunrises over the Atlantic hold their own magic.

When you awake to a chorus of birds, spend your day drinking in soothing blues, and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves, it's pretty easy to escape civilization.

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Mate and Jenny's restaurant

Mate and Jenny's Restaurant

Mate and Jenny's:  Pizza Restaurant & Bar for there scrumptious pizza, the best in Eleuthera, Bahamas! They also offer a unique menu of Bahamas food that includes grouper and crawfish (Bahamian lobster), subject to availability, steak, conch and other full dinners as well as sandwiches from $3.00. Dinners are priced from $6.00 to $22.00.

Be sure to try the conch pizza - the specialty! They also offer a full service bar, juke box and pool table for a full nights entertainment. Try the local ice creams for dessert!

They are open 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for lunch and 5:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. for dinner. Pizza is available until 12:00 a.m.. Our Eleuthera Bahamas restaurant is closed on Tuesdays. Reservations or Questions: Call them at (242) 332-1504

Unique's Restaurant:  This restaurant is just down the road from our home. It features seafood, steaks and Bahamian dishes, fresh seasonal fruits and an array of delicious desserts. Enjoy sumptuous meals with a panoramic view in the Sea View Dining Salon. A full bar and lounge with evening music and our Award Winning Drink, The Unique S.C. On Wednesday and Saturday evening there is a all you can eat buffet with live entertainment.

The Dining Salon is open seven (7) days a week, from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. If you are on a special diet, check out our chef. We are flexible and aim to please our customers.

Tippy's Restaurant:  Tippy's Restaurant is located on Banks Road between Governor's Harbour, and North Palmetto Point. The location is fantastic and the seafood and continental cuisine are excellent. The owners formerly managed Pink Sands in Harbour Island and Compass Point in Nassau. The head chef, Peter, has been written up in Gourmet Magazine. There is also a bar overlooking the ocean.

Lunch is served between 12 and 4, and dinner from 6 to whenever. Open 7 days a week.

Ten Bay Beach

Sunset Inn Restaurant

The Sunset Inn:  Located at the edge of Governor's Harbor on the Caribbean side on the water, The Sunset Grill is the creation of local legend Lionel, who is noted for being a big fan of Muhammad Ali and James Brown. Lionel will frequently 'bust a move' when the feeling overtakes him, and 'get on the good foot' between the tables, while taking orders.

There is a nice deck on which to view the sunsets over the Caribbean and a comfortable sunken bar at The Sunset Grill. Great dishes include pork chops, and Bahamian lobster.

Mark's Grill Burgers  The burger was $7 are huge and delicious. A fully loaded burger comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, mayo and hot sauce. Also has pulled pork sandwiches. A must stop for this great new burger spot in Eleuthera. You will come out saying that was a great burger. A really cool setting inside. Sweet potato fries also can be had.

Other Local Restaurants on Eleuthera

Also on Friday Nights...

“The Fish Fry” at Governor's Harbour.
Great food with great island music. Try the "Rum Bubbas"!!

It's 2.2 miles south of Tippy's. After passing Green Thumb Nursery on the right, you'll see the restaurant sign to the left. Captain Jack's encompasses a large restaurant and a bar tower outside. Stunning view of the Atlantic. Very colorful place. Phone: 332-2955.

Elvina's Bar and Restaurant:  In Gregory Town where surfers and locals meet. Jam sessions on Tuesday and Friday nights, it's Karaoke and open mike nights. Phone: 335-5032.

The Cove Eleuthera Restaurant & Bar:  1.5 miles north of Gregory Town; hotel with 30 rooms. European chef. The nicest Eleuthera restaurant according to our taste. Excellent service which is rare. Phone: 335-5142.

James Cistern

Lee's Cafe:  Very good for lunch -- right on main road.
(Pink building by the gas pumps.)

BBQ at Billy B's:  Starts at noon Friday and Saturday (lunch only - don't miss it!)
Very reasonable -- ask for directions as you get into town.

Tarpum Bay

Fresh fish available at the pier in Tarpum Bay about 3 pm (weather permitting) The pier is just as you make the left to go up the hill to Rock Sound along the water.

Fresh fish can also be had in Governors Harbour at the red light ( no working and only one on the main land) about 3PM (weather permitting.)

Great local Lobster and Stone Crabs also (in season at both locations.)

Rock Sound

The North Side Inn:  Great for lunch as the owner Rosie will cook up some of the best island food in the area to include fresh grouper, Chicken and Conch. Excellent location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant is a great stop while Rock Sound but calling ahead is suggested to see if Rosie is open. Phone: 334 2573.

Sammy's Restaurant:  A slice of local life. Sammy's is run by Sammy Culmer an experienced chef and his daughter Margeritta.

Pascal's Restaurant & Bar:  Good food and nice view of the water. Lunch and dinner there. Phone: 334-2778

More listings of Eleuthera Restaurants.

Eleuthera Activities

With water temperatures averaging about 80 °F year-round throughout the Bahamas, water sports are naturally a popular vacation activity. Throw on a swimsuit. Grab a towel. Explore the emerald-green, turquoise, and crystal-blue waters one sport at a time. Choose from snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, sailing, or just a nice dip in the water.

Additionally, you can fill a day touring the island, perusing the local shops, eating at some of the nice restaurants on Eleuthera, or just enjoy sitting on the Palmetto Sunrise deck.

Also check out Haynes Library.

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